ECOTOYS Educational gymnastic wooden stand + toys

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From the moment they are born, babies work hard to develop their manual skills, thanks to which they can discover and explore the world around them. The gymnastic stand is a bull's eye, your toddler will try to grab hanging toys, which will help him develop manual and motor skills, learn to control the movement of hands, hands and fingers, all combined with fun. The whole thing is made of wood, 3 colorful toys are hung on its crossbar. Each toy has a different shape and color so that your baby is properly stimulated. The toy is devoid of sharp, dangerous edges and is covered with paints safe for children. If the dimensions of your toddler's crib allow you to put the stand inside, you will have a safe place to play. The toy will let you mute and even put your toddler to sleep in a convenient place.

  • Material: wood
  • Certificates: CE, EN71

Main features



Dimensions (W x H x D):
Dimensions: 61 x 54 x 45 cm

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